Author: Wayne O Evans

Hello, I am a 76-year-old (young at heart) male that has spent the majority of my life in Mid West of USA.
* Born in Colorado,\
* Attended college Adams State University (Alamosa, Colorado) BS Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics
* Attended college Kansas State University (Manhattan. Kansas) MS Applied Mathematics
* Worked in Minnesota for IBM (27 years),
* 15 years as speaker and consultant on OS/400 security

I am retired and live in Tucson AZ

You may ask, “Why does a 75-year-old want a job”.
* I work to stay young at heart and mind.
* I seek the challenge of new ideas and the association with colleagues.

I have been considered outgoing, bright,self-driven and a computer geek.
I have been married 53 years to my wife Ellen. We have three Three (3) fine grown children (2 BOYS 1 GIRL) and Four (4) grandchildren. (1 BOY 3 GIRLS)

I have a BS in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (Adams State University) and an MS in Applied Mathematics (Kansas State University). But most of my career, I had to learn how to perform the task using my educational background and trial and error (School of Hard Knocks).

I like to “roll up my sleeves” and do the work and not talk about the work.
I work hard and focus on results.
I started at IBM in the age of the punched card, have transitioned to on-line, calculators, cell phones, and now the INTERNET.
In my 27 years with IBM I worked in three major areas.
* I did IBM financial programming in COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, and assembler.
* I designed software for a IBM- Mayo Clinic study of computer monitoring of
open heart surgery,.in 1974-5.
* My last 10 years at IBM were operating system design for the IBM S/38 and
AS/400. I designed the CL language and major user interface, work flow and
security features of the OS/400.
IBM holds a patent in my name for Multiple National Languages on a single computer.

I took early retirement from IBM security 1991. I traveled world wide speaking and conducting security audits.
I wrote a security column that later became the IBM OS/400 systems book “AS/400 Security by Wayne O Evans”.

I am retired since 2005. I have NOT stopped work, but enjoy designing and implementing web pages (pro-bona) for non-profits. I helped 8 in 2016 and have two completion in 2017. I use TAPROOT+ to find non-profits that want my services

I strongly support education and have donated funds to my schools, Adams State University and Kansas State University. There are math/science scholarships at both schools in my name.

'I enjoy watching sports but support academics over athletics. My view is that the role of higher education is to train tomorrow's leaders for jobs that improve mankind and not produce more overpaid coaches, athletes, and build expensive stadiums.
My heroes are Jessie Owens, Lincoln, FDR, Jack Kennedy, John Glenn, and several of my teachers in high school and college. I respect the service of veterans, police, teachers, and other people that work for low wages but help others. It is a sad irony, that the pay for people that work with things (computers and technology) far exceeds the pay of people that work with people (teachers, caregivers, and social workers).