A small drop can send ripples in a pond.

A modest donation by many donors like you keeps Escorted Transportation Service in motion and helping seniors in Northwest Suburban Chicago.

Thank you for your financial help.

There are two donation options

Mail Your Check (Preferred Option)

There is a 4 step process to ensure your donation is directed to Escorted Transportation Service

1.  Make out check as shown          Check as donation to ETS

Make out check to            “ETS/NW
Add  Memo  
to check     “Donation”

2.  Address the envelope

Escorted Transportation Service
1801 West Central Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
3.  Add your address if not on check
4.  Mail check

Donate On-Line   (Credit Card / PayPal)

The card fee of 3% is deduced from your donation.

Would you consider increasing your donation to cover the fees. .