Are you a good, reliable driver? Do you have patience with seniors and the frail elderly? Do you like helping people who are appreciative and in real need of help? If this describes you, ETS/NW will bring you smiles and miles of satisfaction. Our volunteers have been with us for an average of six years, so they clearly love what they do!

What kinds of folks drive for ETS/NW?

Each of our volunteer drivers can regale you with their stories of special drives they’ve taken and passengers they come to know and care about. One driver has been driving the same elderly dialysis passenger for three years and now knows her and her family. When she recently came down with a bad cold, he took her his “special” homemade chicken soup the day after their ride to help her recover more quickly.

Another driver took a 96-year old client to an eye doctor. The doctor called her into the office, thinking she was family. Our passenger was crying because the eye doctor needed to see her the next day and she had no way to get back to his office. Our driver immediately agreed to bring her. These are just two of hundreds of similar stories of the type of people who drive for ETS/NW. If those stories sound like something you’d do, please contact us!

Steps to volunteer: 

  1. Request a job description by contacting us at (847) 222-9227 or sending us an email.
  2. If that sounds good, you will be asked to come in to fill out our application, providing names and addresses of two references. We will make copies of your driver’s license and insurance card and do a background and driving record check. We do provide umbrella insurance for drivers.
  3. Go through our volunteer training. We want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable on your drives.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We hope you will consider joining us in this successful community outreach program. We are happy to answer any questions @847-222-9227, or send us an email.